Working With Azure and the MXCHIP to Create my own Translator


  • So in this folder of files (in this case, it's just a single file), it just has the azure configuration JSON code which basically allows the whole project to run.
  • It’s basically a .JSON file to customize the MXCHIP (id, name, folder, function language)
  • devKitTranslator.ino: which is basically the file for Arduino code. In this case, the .ino file is used to customize and control your board, which is the MXCHIP.
  • Inside, you can find lines such as:
static int currentLanguage = 1; // Default is Chinese
static const char *allLanguages[LANGUAGES_COUNT] = {"Arabic", "Chinese", "French", "German", "Italian", "Japanese", "Portuguese", "Russian", "Spanish"};
"sketch": "DevKitTranslator.ino",
"board": "AZ3166:stm32f4:MXCHIP_AZ3166",
"configuration": "upload_method=OpenOCDMethod",
"output": "./.build"
  • The arduino.json file is basically telling the system whats running. In this case, its Arduino code and for the first line, sketch is basically the name that Arduino uses for its program. It’s the unit of code that is uploaded to and run on an Arduino board or a MXCHIP.
  • For the second line, its pretty straightforward as its named “board”. It’s telling the system what kind of board you’re working with (MXCHIP = AZ3166)
  • The third line is representing something that is needed later; Board Configuration. This is needed because it is the process for managing application configuration data, which in our case is the speech data.
  • The last line is pretty straightforward as well, it just an indicator on where the output of all the code will go.
// Subscription Key of Speech Service        
const string speechSubscriptionKey = "<personal>";

// Region of the speech service, see for more details.
const string speechServiceRegion = "<personal>";

// Device ID
const string deviceName = "<personal>";
  • This folder was the code that I worked on the most with, as all my data and subscription information and all the little tweaks that I made with the code was placed here (especially the devkittranslatorfunction.cs file).
  • In the code shown above, this was the code also mentioned in the video where I talked about subscription keys. My personal code is still in VSC because some of the information is private, but the outline that I worked with and tweaked is mentioned in the Github.

How the Project Really Works

What I Could’ve Done Better



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